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Another Potential Tax Avoidance Coward

Pfizer, Allergan Drug Merger Talks Raise Tax  Hackles  in U.S.

So the company Pfizer wants to give up US citizenship for Ireland? Well, since you have no problem giving money to their government, why don’t you ask the Irish military to help you guys in the event of a dangerous,foreign predicament?

Another tax evading corporation that loves their money more than the country that made them.

Why does the United States have one of the highest corporate taxes in the world? Because America has the most responsibilities in the world! Who fights ISIS? Who is one of the largest donors of foreign aid? Who sends their troops to help victims of a natural disaster? The United States of America! Lowering the US corporate tax rate would result in higher income and sales taxes to make up for revenue shortfalls.

—- Leila Luna, Internal Revenue Service special agent
“Death and taxes; it’s all in a day’s work.”