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Isn’t This The Perfect Gift for Leila?!


Money and macabre; what better describes the life of an IRS special agent werewolf!
This gem will sit nicely on her desk at the agency’s office.
—– Dr. Tony E. Glace-Noire
“Mad science today, mainstream tomorrow!”

Comic Strip #14


I’ve Been Married to a Werewolf for a While, so I Know This!


—– Dr. Tony E. GlaceNoire
“Mad science today, mainstream tomorrow!”

This is Not Good….

“Since then attorneys from around the country have rushed to file cases seeking to be declared the main class action case on behalf of Volkswagen owners.”
Looks like German Engineering is about to get a taste of American Litigation!
—– Dr. Tony E. GlaceNoire
“Mad science today, mainstream tomorrow!”

Journal Notes: Possible, Realistic Ways You Could Die Today

dead smiley face

(Warning: you might become über-paranoid after reading this list!)

— You roll off your bed while you are sleeping, hit your head on the floor, and die.
— You take a shower, slip, hit your head and die.
— As you walk down a flight of stairs, you trip, roll down and die.
— You drive your car, get involved in a wreak, and die.
— You get on a high ladder, fall off, and die.
— You fix some electrical problem in your home, get electrocuted, and head off to kingdom come.
— During dinner, you eat your food too fast, choke, and die.
— You take a bath, fall asleep, and drown.
— You die suddenly in your sleep with no explanation.

Have a nice day!

—– Dr. Tony E. Glace-Noire

snowflake grid

Journal Notes: Ahead Of My Time

So this Disney movie  Frozen has some people wearing snowflakes outside of Christmas/Wintertime. And then this Ebola crisis has people dressed up in hazmat suits everywhere.

Out of season snowflakes? Hazmat suits? I’ve been doing this for years! As a matter of fact,  I do this everyday!


—- Dr. Tony E. Glace-Noire

Comic Strip #8