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Isn’t This The Perfect Gift for Leila?!


Money and macabre; what better describes the life of an IRS special agent werewolf!
This gem will sit nicely on her desk at the agency’s office.
—– Dr. Tony E. Glace-Noire
“Mad science today, mainstream tomorrow!”

I’ve Been Married to a Werewolf for a While, so I Know This!


—– Dr. Tony E. GlaceNoire
“Mad science today, mainstream tomorrow!”

Moonlight Embrace

Moonlight_Embrace (1)

Comic Strip #7

Words of caution: Never handle anything that has recently been dipped in liquid nitrogen with your bare hands! Always use gloves!

This isn’t a real comic strip story panel, but…..

I wanted to post this picture anyway.

A kiss from  Leila Luna