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Comic Strip #16



Isn’t This The Perfect Gift for Leila?!


Money and macabre; what better describes the life of an IRS special agent werewolf!
This gem will sit nicely on her desk at the agency’s office.
—– Dr. Tony E. Glace-Noire
“Mad science today, mainstream tomorrow!”

Comic Strip #14


Comic Strip #10


Moonlight Embrace

Moonlight_Embrace (1)

Comic Strip #9

Cigarette cartoon comic strip 9

Sorry I took so long posting this comic. A lot of other things came up, and a comic that you sketch for free is usually not top priority.

The back-story about Dr. Glace-Noire ‘s organization,  the one that prevents the melting of glaciers, needs a second look. I already have Leila Luna as an IRS agent; having him running that nonprofit would make this comic come across as a little too liberal leaning.   The glaciers mention could be part of the setting; for instance Dr. Glace-Noire could have a laboratory near one.

Comic Strip #8