Just In Case You’re Wondering…….

Why do you call yourself Ms. Anonymous?

I’m not sure how the comic would be received so I decided not to use my real name. Furthermore, I’m not associated with other groups and people who use the name or title “anonymous”.

Why the name “glace noire”?

I wanted a character with a name that meant “ice”.  The word “glace” sounded nice,  so I decided to use it.  However, I found that Dr. Glace came across as too plain, and the word “glace” sounds a lot like “glass”.   To give the name a little more distinction, I decided to use Dr. Glace-Noire instead.

Same thing with the name Leila Luna. I thought it had a nice flow to it, and when people think of werewolves, they usually think of the moon (luna).


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