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Comic Strip #15


No horses were harmed in the making of this comic strip.


Comic Strip #12


John Oliver, For a Moment There I Was Going to Rip You to Shreds…..


But I watched the whole segment!
I won’t keep an eye on you, but I’ll keep an eye out for that a**hole, Ted Cruz!

P.S: Tea Party types who like to call IRS anti-American should think about this:
 “As financial investigators, CI special agents fill a unique niche in the federal law enforcement community. Today’s sophisticated schemes to defraud the government demand the analytical ability of financial investigators to wade through complex paper and computerized financial records. ”

Abolishing the IRS would mean other federal law enforcement agencies would have to fill in the roll of investigating money laundering, tracking possible terrorist funding,  and currency violations.

To sum it up: other agencies such as the FBI and Secret Service would see an increase in their casework; and since you Tea Party types are so adamant about cutting government spending, with a lot less resources.

Oh, and one last tidbit:

Earn income tax credits keep families out of poverty; you know, the ones that would disappear with a flat tax.

If you want to live in a country with a flat tax, is hard on environmentalists, combats a growing homosexual influence, warns of a rise of a “dependency mentality,” takes a hard line on illegal immigrants, and has leaders that project an over the top macho image, then maybe you should consider Vladimir Putin’s Russia!

—- Leila Luna, Internal Revenue Service special agent

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