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This is a YUUGE, Great Idea…..


But lets be fair and have your company pay a tariff on items it manufactures overseas!
—- Leila Luna, Internal Revenue Service special agent
“Death and taxes; it’s all in a day’s work.”

To Chris Christie, Donald Trump

cartoon middle finger 3

F**k off!

F**k off, Chris Christie, for being unapologetic for keeping nurse Kaci Hickox in that outdoor tent. People might have issues with the nurse’s legal fight over her home quarantine in Maine, but lets face it, it’s totally unacceptable to keep this heroic nurse in an outdoor tent with no shower and just a hospital gown for 21 days. Thank goodness public outrage and a good lawyer got this lady released.

F**k off, Donald Trump, for insulting Dr. Craig Spencer, calling him selfish, and back in August, saying Dr. Kent Brantly and Nancy Writebol “must suffer the consequences” and  “stay in West Africa” and not receive treatment in the United States. How pathetic does this look: a multi millionaire from his luxurious home, chastises missionary doctors suffering from Ebola.

As a mad scientist, I have deep respect for people who work with the Ebola virus. Want to get some attention and earn some street cred with fellow mad scientists, start off a conversation with “I was working with the Ebola virus and…. “.
The response will be : Whoa, wait, you worked with the Ebola virus?!
Followed by: Which strain, or did you get sick?

So once again Christie and Trump, f**k off!

P.S.: If blowhards like Trump had it their way, those missionary aid workers would have stayed in Africa, died, and would not be alive to donate their life saving blood filled with anti bodies.

—– Dr. Tony E. Glace-Noire