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Journal Notes: Social Security Number Fraud or Immortal Beings?


“The review noted that in one case a man opened bank accounts using several different Social Security numbers — two of which belonged to number-holders born in 1869 and 1893, respectively. That would make one of them 145 years old and the other 121. The Social Security Administration’s system indicated that both number-holders were alive.”

145 years old?!

Keep in mind the oldest recorded age for a human is 122 years; not many people have lived to be supercentenarians. Worldwide, it is estimated that 300-450 people alive are over the age of one hundred and ten; out of that estimation, only 56 verified cases are known.

And here is another article:

“We obtained information indicating a financial institution reported that a man opened bank accounts using several different SSNs. According to the Numident, two of the SSNs belonged to numberholders who were born in 1886 and 1893, respectively. Neither of the Numident records contained a date of death. As a result, neither of these SSNs appeared in the DMF.”

” A numberholder born in 1896 filed a “Life claim” in 1958 (at age 62). The MEF indicates the numberholder continued earning wages through Tax Year 1962 and contains no reported earnings from 1963 through 2006. However, beginning in Tax Year 2007 and each year since, a South Carolina employer has reported payment of wages (ranging from $11,450 to $27,694) to someone using the numberholder’s name and SSN.”

I think I know what my next assignment is: tracking down those bank accounts and Employer’s Quarterly Federal Tax Returns!
This is a must; I have to look into this and see if this is fraud or some brazen mystical folks who did a poor job in concealing their identities. What if they are supernatural entities whose main reason for existence is to  kill lycanthropes? Along with stoping tax fraud, it’s my duty to keep wolfkind safe!

—- Leila Luna, Internal Revenue Service special agent

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Headbutt Incident at Walmart


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“Albitz told WTVD the two also got into an argument the day before when Albitz took her husband to the Jackson Hewitt location inside the Walmart to file his taxes.”

Fox News is going to blame the IRS in 3…2…1…

—– Leila Luna

irs and tea party

Journal Notes: Possible, Realistic Ways You Could Die Today

dead smiley face

(Warning: you might become über-paranoid after reading this list!)

— You roll off your bed while you are sleeping, hit your head on the floor, and die.
— You take a shower, slip, hit your head and die.
— As you walk down a flight of stairs, you trip, roll down and die.
— You drive your car, get involved in a wreak, and die.
— You get on a high ladder, fall off, and die.
— You fix some electrical problem in your home, get electrocuted, and head off to kingdom come.
— During dinner, you eat your food too fast, choke, and die.
— You take a bath, fall asleep, and drown.
— You die suddenly in your sleep with no explanation.

Have a nice day!

—– Dr. Tony E. Glace-Noire

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Journal Notes: Ahead Of My Time

So this Disney movie  Frozen has some people wearing snowflakes outside of Christmas/Wintertime. And then this Ebola crisis has people dressed up in hazmat suits everywhere.

Out of season snowflakes? Hazmat suits? I’ve been doing this for years! As a matter of fact,  I do this everyday!


—- Dr. Tony E. Glace-Noire