Character Information


Dr. Glace-Noire

  • Full name Dr. Tony Emile Glace-Noire
  • Self-proclaimed mad scientist who conducts crazy scientific experiments in his own spare time
  • His 9 to 5 job involves building a practical car than uses liquid Nitrogen as fuel
  • Has an obsession with icy things
  • Prefers to wear a collared shirt with a pattern that looks like a blueprint/graph paper
  •  Wears a snowflake print tie, suit liner, and socks year round, even during the warm months

*His rationale: “If you can wear flower printed clothes in winter,  why can’t I wear a snowflake tie in the middle of summer?

Leila Luna

  •  Wife of Dr. Glace-Noire
  • A werewolf; can change at will — doesn’t always rely on full moon

*Can partially change — example: Ears and tail pop up

*Or do full change (become a total wolf)

  •  A “natural” werewolf; lycanthropy not the result of experimentation
  • Bites do not transfer lycanthropy
  • Is a special agent with the Internal Revenue Service; uses her position to track down tax fraud and threats to werewolves
  • Life long spouse; werewolves, like wolves in the wild, mate for life






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